Sunday 25 June 2017


             If you've seen all the previous Transformers movies, then you'd know pretty much what to expect from this new one. A mindless, bombastic action movie with uninteresting plot, dialogue & characters. I can still appreciate the action - and the music/score, for that matter - but nothing more.

             Actually, by now, the action sequences doesn't feel that special anymore. But it does remain enjoyable to see and the score helps to enhance the action. The problem is once it gets overly long, it is easy to lose interest because we don't get quite invested enough with the characters.

            And therein lies the core problem of it all. The human characters are not quite interesting and but somehow happen to have such pivotal roles in the film. Meanwhile, the Autobots themselves are much more interesting but weren't given enough backstory or any character development at all. For example, I would rather see more of an internal conflict that splits the Autobots for a while than just some simple childish skirmish among them. Optimus Prime went rogue, but this doesn't even seem to impact the Autobots emotionally any bit at all. It's such a wasted opportunity.

          In the end, it very much feels like a case of style only but no substance. All you see is some cool action which probably means very little if you're not too invested in the characters. However, the ending does make the overarching plot feel interesting. Somehow, I do still feel interested in this franchise, and yes, I do want to know what happens next. I don't think this film is good at all (and nor will I recommend anyone to see it), but it amazes even myself that I still have interest in the future of this franchise - somehow.

VERDICT: 40 / 100

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