Wednesday 9 November 2016

Ranking the Harry Potter Movies - Part 2

Top 3 Harry Potter films...

3. Deathly Hallows - Part 1

           The main reason that this film found its way to my Top 3 is because this film felt different than any of the other seven. It follows these characters we've known for almost 10 years now, but in a different setting. We don't see them in Hogwarts anymore - in fact, we sort of go in a road trip with them. And this makes it feel special - to be in a different journey with characters we already love - its like going on a vacation with family having been living with them day by day at home.
           Moreover, the film still has some special moments, and yes, a lot of humour. The scene in the ministry is one of them. And while sometimes I feel that the character conflict between our heroes feel a little bit forced...its nice to see some clash between them and a representation of how much of an acting ability that these young actors have developed since the first film. Overall, this film is a nice road trip film, but a very special journey to undertake with these heroes we've seen in school for the past 6 films.

Verdict: 84/100

2. Order of the Phoenix

             This film is great in almost every way. It has great action, great drama, great humour - the whole deal. There is a political tone in the plot, and I like how our young heroes band together and discreetly train magic in a secret room in an attempt to defy the powers that be - and my, these scenes (or rather, the montage of it) is brilliant. And the scene with Fred & George's fireworks is another memorable moment. Not to mention the scenes where Argus Filch keeps on nailing new rules to the wall. Dolores Umbridge is a great character that everyone likes to hate. And the final sequence in the ministry is brilliant - it is not the biggest spectacle but it strikes the perfect balance between action & emotion/drama. This film brings out the best of the Harry Potter saga with no shortage of action, drama & humour. A spectacular film all around.

Verdict: 92/100

1. Prisoner of Azkaban

              I used to think that Order of the Phoenix is the best HP film - but this film is, to me, a little bit more special. Firstly, this is the first film that expands the physical world of Hogwarts and makes use real world setting instead of CGI. And it makes Hogwarts feel a bit more lively & real and reminds more of those Scottish countryside. And that is just the start of it. 
             Alfonso Cuaron is a genius director and it shows in this film - especially with the Knight Bus scene which is a spectacular scene. And the whole film doesn't feel too stretched out like most of the other films in the franchise. With some excellent humour and intriguing plot peppered all around - the film is paced perfectly and is very interesting in every turn.
           Now, speaking of plot - the best of it is the mystery surrounding Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew & Remus Lupin. It does feel a bit scary the first time around when you think about Sirius Black, and when you see Peter Pettigrew in that map...but then everything makes sense towards the end. And this film has one the most satisfying plot twist I have ever seen in film.
           And to cap it all off, the time-travel scene was superbly done. It was perfectly done and it made everything make much more sense & satisfying. The build-up and the mystery throughout this film is excellent (and without compromising humour & drama), and it all ends with what is arguably one of the most satisfying resolutions I have ever seen in film. This is a spectacular film in any regards - and would have easily been my film of the year. Best Harry Potter film!

Verdict: 96/100

Here's hoping that the upcoming Fantastic Beasts film can deliver the same quality of story & spectacle as these Harry Potter films did...

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