Sunday 5 April 2015

TV Review: Black Sails S2

The 10-episode second season of Black Sails (of STARZ channel) recently ended...and it was a vast improvement over the first...

Note: This TV Show is R-rated (Violence, Gore, Nudity, etc) - For 18 and above

          The first season felt very much straightforward, while the second season's plot turns corners for more times than I ever expected. But they were pleasant and surprising turns. Generally, this season has less action sequences, but the plot is so deep and interesting, and more importantly, character-driven - that it becomes interesting just to see how each character reacts to specific situations.

          There are some minor disappointments within, but its hard to explain without spoiling the fun. For now, just know that there was an exciting character that was gone way too soon. And the main plot progresses very slowly, as we cover a lot of angles from a lot of the characters - and some characters are less interesting than others.

           Otherwise, the plot is very intriguing & character driven. Maybe too character driven, that sometimes we don't agree with what the character (like the main protagonist) does, but it makes sense because that's how he should be. I could never root for one character for too long, and similarly, I could always like back the characters I once hated. This is a representation of how the plot takes turns & changes direction quite oftenly.

           It is already clear that the story here is generally picked up to be the prequel story of "Treasure Island" novel. Although it may well be never heading to the same direction, and it mostly never feels like it...but whenever a scene/event suggests that it is heading the same way the book does - the connection is pleasingly welcome.

          Finally, just to clear things up. Some episodes does have exciting fight sequences, but you cannot go into this show expecting to have fun from it. Meanwhile, the plot is constructed so brilliantly that it flows naturally and according to each distinct characters. The show progresses a bit slowly, but there is always that sense of reward by the end of every episode - and obviously, by the end of the season.


          General viewers may find it hard to remain attached to this brilliant pirate-themed show. But if you are comfortable with R-rated violence, etc, and are quite interested in the life of pirates of the 17th century, I do recommend catching up with this show, because I feel that season 3 next year is going to be a big one!

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