Thursday 2 April 2015


"I don't have friends...I got family"

          Action-packed, humorous, and all the fun you can have in 2+ hours. But it won't leave you with a lasting impression (at least, it didn't to me). The touching tribute to Paul Walker by the end of the film is the only thing I find memorable. It's a great fun movie, mind you, but the plot is a bit messy and the villian lacks the impact unlike that of the previous film.

          I did say on my preview post that I fear that this film may be forcing it, in terms of the action sequences. And to a certain degree, I still maintain that statement. I can never really complain when action sequences like in Furious 7 are so awesome and fun as it is, and you can feel that the actors really put their heart & soul into these. As silly as it gets, it means a lot to these guys, and what becomes of it is some awesomely entertaining, loud, explosive action. And in terms of minutes, there's a lot of these as well. From start to end, the action never stops to take a breath.

          The humour was great all over as well, and it very much contributes to the action & dialogues as well. Roman (Tyrese Gibson) was especially funny most of the time, and I find them superbly hilarious. Although, it was a bit too excessive, and near the end, his humour gets a bit too predictable and dull. I suppose you can only do the same joke so far. But most of the time, I was having too much fun to care about it.

          There were easily setbacks to be found within this movie. The thing I find most disappointing is the plot that gets so messy by trying to fit too many things in. Particularly disappointing, is the main villain. Later on, I shall try to explain this with a spoiler discussion, but for now...just know that Jason Statham's character disappoints. He lacks the impact & intensity that Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) of Furious 6 brings. And this relates directly to the plot being a disappointing mess.


          It's less than what I expected, and I can bluntly say that I still prefer Furious 6 any day. But it's a super fun movie from start to end, with all the explosive action & comedic humour. And I find it conveniently touching that the only thing I find memorable is the tribute to Paul Walker. And with the love of the fans, and especially of the cast, I can stand up and say this is a fitting send-off for Paul Walker (and Brian O' Conner).

SCORE: 7.5

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