Wednesday 4 March 2015

TV Review: Agent Carter

The 8-episode run of Marvel's Agent Carter series ended recently...and so here are my thoughts on them...

          As compared to Marvel's other series Agents of SHIELD, this one ultimately is much better & way more interesting. Most of it is due to the interesting chemistry between main characters Peggy Carter & Edwin Jarvis. And as a fan, it's nice to see interesting connections being made with the bigger picture - Marvel Cinematic Universe. But in the end, as a series on its own, it is fairly entertaining with some brilliant moments, and certainly worth the while.

          It is not without setbacks, however, as I have to admit that the series took its time to find its feet. The first three episodes were all about establishment, and I have to say - were relatively boring. It's not all bad, as they (first three episodes) establish the tone as well as the characters of the series, while giving us plenty of fun and laughs in between, but the story seems pretty vague and rather dull. 

          But then, from episode 4 onwards, the series begins to play with interesting reveals as well as connections to the cinematic series, and this is where the story gets interesting & substantial. As the series proceeds, the more it gets interesting, and by the end of every episode, there's always something more to look forward to. And with a short run of 8 episodes, they are able to stick with the main story arc, and therefore, allows for strong, powerful plot lines to play out in every episode.

           By the time the finale arrived, I was super excited as to how it would play out, and anticipation is high. It's a good finale, with some emotional moments, but it lacks the explosiveness & intensity that I hope it'd bring. Howard Stark is fun, as he always is from the beginning. And the final climactic scene is very emotional and well played out indeed. But there is only a short fight scene, and it lacks the energy that it had supposedly built up to. But it did left something hanging in the end, and with a very exciting easter egg for fans.


          Overall, the series works and is fun & interesting at the same time. But it did not really strike hard to both fans and general audience alike to make it a very memorable series. The series takes time to find its feet, but then works well towards the end, before a slightly less-than-spectacular finale. There are some exciting easter eggs for fans, but even general audiences will find this series quite good, and find it certainly worth the time.

Note: I find this better than Agents of SHIELD because of its focus and drama. In SHIELD, there seems to be too many things its trying to acheive and ended up achieving none. It is less dramatic and less focused overall. Meanwhile, I also liked Agent Carter more for connecting the dots of the stories that has been established in the MCU, as compared to SHIELD who is instead creating new paths and playing with themes that are not even touched yet on the MCU (i.e. Inhumans).

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