Thursday 29 August 2013


Fun and action all the way...


          The movie follows Percy Jackson and friends as they venture to the Sea of Monsters to retrieve the Golden Fleece, an enchanted healing cloak, to save their camp after it is attacked by old foe Luke Castellan.


           Much like its predecessor, 'Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters' is highly entertaining, with lots of fast paced action, as well as tons of humour. The plot is straightforward and simple, and seems to appeal to younger audiences. The movie also presents a modernized take on some Greek mythology.

           The action sequences in this movie are entertaining, though not epic in scale. The fight scenes involve fast jumping, running, and swords clashing which is still cool to look at. Percy's ability to manipulate water is only seen once, perhaps because either the situation did not allow him to, or the opponents were not as formidable.

           The plot is very much straightforward and simple. Even the flashback scene in the movie doesn't cause any confusion or surprising revelations. There are tons of humour, albeit most are just cheesy dialogues that are more annoying than funny.

           The modernized take on Greek myths are always interesting to look at. Who'd have thought that the Chariots of Damnation would appear in the form of a New York City cab?? However, there is an extensive use of CGI, which were not that bad, especially since the creatures in the movie are highly imaginative and wonderful.


Good: Fast paced action, Modernized take of Greek myths

Bad: Cheesy dialogues

SCORE: 6.0

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