Friday 16 August 2013


Fantastic movie portraying yet another post-apocalyptic Earth...


           In the year 2154, the world is divided. The rich and powerful live in Elysium, a utopian space station, while everyone else lives on Earth. The movie addresses social and political issues visible in our world, though not as extreme. The story follows Max Da Costa (Matt Damon) finding himself in a condition where he needs to get to Elysium, while also handed with the opportunity to save everyone else.


           The movie overall is a great experience, though in many ways reminds me of 'Oblivion'. Both are set in the future, and are presented in visually stunning worlds. Both movies emphasise more on drama and revolves around the main character's story. 'Elysium' on the most is quite predictable, but delivers us more action packed sequences.

          This movie brilliantly displays the social issues of the world, where the poor are badly trying to get to the rich, in this case, the people of Earth forcing their hand in as many ways as possible to get to Elysium. The story and characterization provides a good background for audiences to go along knowing exactly what is going on and what is at stake. 

          The action sequences are a joy to watch, and keeps things in the heat. Matt Damon is such a great actor, and he owned this role. However, the one other guy who deserve praise is Sharlto Copley, portraying the psychopathic villain that Damon's character must battle. And the thing about psychopaths, they are always scary, because they have no mercy and play by no rules, and Copley brilliantly conveys the character.

          The movie is supported by a decent soundtrack as well. However, at some points the camera tend to be shaking, which although didn't disrupt the flow of the movie, still felt unpleasant. There is unfortunately no humour at all. Although they emphasise on drama, humour can always be slipped in at any time to keep it lively, but not in this one.


Good: Excellent plot displaying current social issues, Decent action sequences, Brilliant cast, Good soundtrack

Bad: Shaky cameras, No humour

SCORE: 8.5

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