Tuesday 25 September 2012

Reaches expectation...

SCORE: 6.0 / 10

                Awesome 3D effects, smart directing, and unique style of action covers up for all the setbacks produced by this movie. Resident Evil: Retribution is the 5th movie in the series, yet it still has all the flaws from its predecessors. However, due to my lower expectation of this movie, based on my judgment of previous movies of the series, I can seem to accept its similar flaws, and appreciate some achievements it made through this movie.

                The positives I saw in this movie, among them include the amazing 3D effects put to good use. Excellent directing also give a great dimension for the movie, and its style of action is unique as always, with many slow-motion effects, which apparently seems cool for this movie. And I also find that the opening and ending sequence is pretty cool, with the backward scene of the opening sequence (pretty unique as I have never seen such scenes in other movies elsewhere).

                However, the flaws carry on from its predecessors, where the actions all seem too similar. No sense of humour, no sense of adventure. And also the storyline is not so good, and it is much too predictable. It lacks characterization and drama too. I thought Leon was an important character (at least it was in the video games) however it was not characterized as such in the movie. I didn’t know that was Leon until near the end of the movie, and he didn’t even seem like such an important character throughout. The drama lacks the feeling, especially when there are so many deaths, yet I am unable to feel such drama.

                Another thing I like about this movie is that it serves as a transition movie quite well. The producer planned one other sequel as the series finale, and I see this movie is quite a good transition, especially with the ending sequence seen as such. I honestly appreciate the big picture of the series’ story, although the plot in every single movie all seems too predictable and casual. However the big picture of the story is good, and by watching this movie it seems a good transition, from escaping capture, until knowing that they are to protect humanities last stand. By that amazing ending sequence, we can expect the final movie to be about those heroes in the group battling the zombies and the Red Queen for the survival of the remaining humans.

                Hence, I can’t say that this is a very good movie, but it sure is very interesting, and I would very much like to see a final movie to conclude the series. Therefore I do hope that this movie will earn lots of revenue, and the producers will want to create the final movie.

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