Friday 7 September 2012

Money Worth Spendable...

The Expendables 2
Score: 8.0 / 10

                ‘The Expendables 2’ is a much better than its predecessor. It is much more fun, and energetic, and not boring at all. This is maybe the opposite to ‘The Bourne Legacy’, which I came to watch with high expectations. While in this case, since I knew the previous movie isn’t that good, I didn’t expect much from this one. I just love the cast, don’t you? Turns out, it stands out in several aspects, and turn out to be such an entertaining movie after all.

                The story is, well, straightforward, and well perhaps is as what had been expected, similar to its predecessor. And the action is simply “boom boom”, shoot-and-kill type of thing. Not the type of action we go look in an action movie. But again, this is perhaps as we had expected judging by ‘The Expendables’.
                Besides, there are several aspects that stands out, and is perhaps beyond expectation. Firstly, the characters are cool, in a way. They have their own unique charisma, which makes them look great in a way. During the fight, it’s not the action itself that is cool, but how these characters do it, which makes it look cool. And the humor, definitely makes the movie much more energetic and fun to watch. I lost count how many funny scenes there are in the movie. Definitely makes is not boring at all.

                Then again, there is no doubt that these actors are basically legend. But what I like again with this movie, is the number of references to great movies that these actors once made their legends on. One most memorable to me is the scene which include Schwarzenegger’s “I’ll be Back” (reference to The Terminator movies) and Willis’ “Yippee-Ki-Yay” (reference to The Die Hard series). There are several others including Chuck Norris’ movie about the cobra thing. Perhaps I also lost track of these scenes.

                Of all I said, this is not a movie you go to looking for a dramatic story, etc. But I can tell you that this movie is spectacularly entertaining & fun. The story and action maybe lacking in quality, however, with the number of humorous scenes, fun explosive action, and references to what these great actors once achieved, this is one to watch before summer ends, and the start of a shortage of blockbuster movies.


Stallone: That belongs in a museum…
Schwarzenegger: We all do…

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