Sunday 6 May 2018

What I like most about AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR... (with SPOILERS)


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The movie that may be considered the biggest ensemble movie yet has recently released...and safe to say, it has caught audiences by surprise...
I liked what they did with the story & the ending, but there is one thing that I like most about this film...

And that is the fact that it is a Thanos movie.

Call me a maniac or whatever, but I really like the way that Thanos is protrayed in this film, and moreover, I can feel & understand for the character.

So first off, I really like the fact that it is a Thanos movie through and through. From the beginning we see him start off his mission, and we see his journey in getting all the Infinity Stones...and it even ends with him successfully obtaining all the stones and completing his mission.

As with any typical protagonist in many other movies, Thanos had to went through some struggles and sacrifices of his own...including killing his own beloved daughter Gamora. And as with any typical protagonist in many other movies, Thanos completes his mission but not before almost failing (almost lost against the Avengers in Titan, and later, stabbed in the chest by Thor's axe). And as with any typical protagonist in many other movies, the film ends with Thanos looking over the sunset in peace. And I really like that.

I really want to give credit to the team for pulling this off, and especially, Josh Brolin for such an amazing performance as Thanos. I really do feel for his character, especially when he had to sacrifice his own daughter and he sheds a tear in that moment. I want to give credit to the writing & directing team for being bold enough to make this move very Thanos-centric, especially considering that the sequel and immediate continuation of this film will be out a year from now - which will be expected to be a fully Avengers-focused movie.

And speaking of that, I do realize that among all the characters, all of the original Avengers from the first Avengers movie are still alive. So it does seem like it will be a re-group of the original team and one last hurrah for this bunch in next year's Avengers 4!

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