Wednesday 14 February 2018


                 Perhaps the biggest appeal of this movie is the surprise marketing campaign of releasing a movie immediately on the day itself the trailer was released. Maybe a little bit because of the word 'Cloverfield' in the title, but it surprises many people when the trailer is released during Super Bowl, that the film itself will release in Netflix that night. This has never happened before, and it really got the buzz.

                   But that seems to be all there is - the buzz, the hype...because the quality of the film didn't really deliver. And in a way, it now makes more sense to be released in Netflix rather than in theatres, because it does not justify a theatrical release. The movie isn't particularly bad, but there isn't much in it as well. The premise of the film was exciting, but the execution wasn't and the dialogue was rather poor.

                   As a TV watch, it is not bad. Most of the performances are well delivered, especially the lead protagonist Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who was brilliant. And the premise was really intriguing, and the overall plot actually isn't bad. It works. That being said, there isn't much more the film has to offer. Everything else that happens are rather bland and predictable, and most of all, the dialogue was quite poor, especially in the beginning. Meanwhile, the suspense & discovery element of the film just about does enough to keep me interested, but I don't feel satisfied at the end of it.

                  For a TV watch in your day off when you having nothing else to do, sure, it works. But it is by no means a quality film.

VERDICT: 52 / 100

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