Monday 24 April 2017

Looking Forward: MAY 2017

This month sees an abundance of big blockbusters movies...from kings to pirates...from guardians of galaxies to guardians of beaches...

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (May 5-USA, Apr 28-UK, Apr 27-Singapore)

               One of two movies I am looking forward to the most in the summer, and by far my most anticipated movie of the month. I always say that while the first Guardians was never even close to being my favourite MCU film, I deeply appreciate how special it was and how unique it was, and I have deep admiration for Mr. James Gunn because of that. And this sequel, based on everything that I've seen, fully embraces that uniqueness in the tone & in the characters, and I really love it.
                  You only need to look at the trailers to see how they proudly embrace the brand that is Guardians of the Galaxy. Even in the very first teaser (first look), they did not even feel the need to put in the title because they know people are aware of this brand. And even as I am not too sure what the plot will be or who the main villain actually is, I really don't mind it at all because the best thing about James Gunn's films are the distinct characters and the humourous dialogue, and I already like what I've seen from all the trailers.

(Must See!) (Teaser)
(Must See!!!) (Trailer #1)
(Must See!!!) (Trailer #2)

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (May 12-USA, May 19-UK, May 18-Singapore)

              Initially, I wasn't really too keen about this film. I am curious, yes, but it is not a movie that I felt I need to watch. Then, I watched the trailers and saw Guy Ritchie's stamp all over it (much like the kind of sequences you see in Sherlock Holmes, or more recently, The Man from UNCLE).
              Not that it completely turns my feelings about this film, but it does intrigue me a little more. I had fun with his aforementioned movies, and I felt that his type of visual style is always unique & fun to watch, so I am a little bit more excited about this film than I initially was.

Trailers: (Comic-Con Trailer) (Trailer #1) (Trailer #2)

Alien: Covenant (May 19-USA, May 12-UK, May 10-Singapore)

               I was never personally a fan of this franchise. In fact, I don't think I have ever watched any of the films apart from the most recent Prometheus. And to be honest, I don't exactly remember that film and what I thought of it. But I am aware of how big the Alien brand is and how popular this franchise is. For many people, I suppose this should feel more like the original Alien film (also by director Ridley Scott), which blends a good horror element to a science-fiction story.
              The first trailer is also really good, though.

(Must See!) (Trailer #1) (Trailer #2)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (May 26-USA, May 26-UK, May 25-Singapore)

                The Pirates franchise have never been the greatest of films, but they always have been good fun blockbusters. The story is about pirates and thieves and killers but the movies have always taken a very light approach. Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow is a very unique & likable character (and is arguably Johnny Depp's best character role) and is clearly a key selling point of these movies. But more than that, the dialogue between characters have always been on the lighter/funny side, and the movies never takes itself seriously. Add to that some fun, swashbuckling action sequences, and these Pirates films tend to be one good fun summer blockbuster. This next one looks to be no different.

Trailers: (Teaser) (Trailer #1) 

Baywatch (May 25-USA, May 29-UK, May 25-Singapore)

               I wasn't initially too sure what to expect from this movie, but the trailers gave all the answers. An action comedy which doesn't hold back at all. And Dwayne Johnson really is at the top of his game nowadays. I feel like I see him in a movie every few months now. But he is a great action star who has shown his comedic chops in many movies before (Central Intelligence being my favourite). This is really quite the action-comedy to look forward to.

Trailers: (Teaser) (Trailer #1) 

Other Movies:

              With so many blockbuster movies (as above), there is almost no need for me to look elsewhere for a chance to spend my hard-earned cash. But there is a film that caught my interest (although I probably won't be watching it, anyhow), and that is The Wall (, a film directed by Doug Liman. I get the concept of the plot, but the film looks to be so small in scope, I am not sure what to expect from this film. It comes out on May 12th.

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