Monday 15 February 2016


"Surprise! This is a different kind of superhero story"

          This film succeeds in what it meant to achieve. The character Deadpool in this film is every bit the character that comic book fans know from the comics. He is the ultimate unconventional superhero, and it shows perfectly in this movie. The character brings out the most fun out of every situation, and it plays out perfectly in this movie. But the film itself isn't without flaws. There was too much focus on the flashbacks, and the rest of the plot is nothing short of cliche.

          If there is one thing that this film did perfectly, is how they bring out the character of Deadpool. The character is every inch the comic book character, and this film made him the superhero that everyone needed to see. With around 4-6 comic book movies coming out yearly, audiences needed this. The different superhero. Mind you, all the other superhero films are great (and some are clearly better than this film), but they all bring about the same tone & message in the end. Deadpool reverses them, and became this superhero that everyone needed to see.

          Also, the other thing they did brilliantly is in the breaking of the fourth wall. These moments are particularly brilliant. Not only in the way that the character speaks to the audience, but also in the way that the character acknowledges the world we live in. In other words, the character speaks out what we have in our mind, references pop culture, etc. Also, there's some of those jabs at the studios or even other films, which in this film, plays out brilliantly.

            The problem with this film, for me, is when the character is unmasked. As Deadpool, the character is perfect. As Wade Wilson...well, its not that its not great...but the film spends way too long setting up the origin story of this character and how he gets his powers. Also, the love story. I was never into it, and I think the film spends way too much time on an aspect that is not what Deadpool is. I'm pretty sure Deadpool in the comics is never known for his compassion & love.

              And after the halfway mark, when the film really kicks in, the plot is well...straightforward & cliche, in every respect. There may be some of those minor scenes/details that plays out unconventionally & fun, but the major plotline is very predictable. And in the end, these major events actually makes it feel just like another superhero movie. A very cliche superhero movie that plays out the scenes unconventionally and makes the most fun along the way.


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