Tuesday 20 October 2015


The full (and final) trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out!! 
And this two-minute beauty is worth every other minute of the six months I've been waiting since the last trailer...

First things first...

Why I am Writing this post?

          The answer - a combination of how far JJ Abrams & co. have rekindled my love for this dream fantasy, and of me trying to make up a mistake I made a year ago. The mistake - is putting this film in number two of my most anticipated film of 2015.
           Well, in a hollow attempt of justifying myself, a year ago we know next to nothing about this film...and Age of Ultron seems like one hell of a movie (until I watch it and find it less than spectacular). If I knew then what I knew now...The Force Awakens would have been at Number 1 by a long mile. And it is now!
          And the other reason being that since I wrote that post, the teaser trailers came out...teases after teases, interviews, toys, behind-the-scenes...and now my love for this dream fantasy world is rekindled. I remember now why I fell in love with this epic universe more than a decade ago. (And perhaps the fact that I recently played Star Wars: The Old Republic helped...)



          Now, don't be silly, if you haven't seen it by now, do it! If you have, go see it again! It's so cool. If you're a Star Wars fan, then even the music itself should see you squeal like I did. And then there's the lightsabers, the Millenium Falcon, the Stormtroopers, the Fighters, Han Solo, Kylo Ren, Rey, Finn, and the list goes on...oh, yeah, don't forget BB-8...
          It's a super cool trailer! The shots look great. The continuous angles, the wide shots...JJ Abrams fingerprints is everywhere, and I love it! The shots of the flying Fighters or the X-Wing blasting away is spectacular in terms of visual.
          And the best thing about this trailer...we know nothing more about the plot of the film. It's how it should be. This is the perfect marketing. We get all squealy & excited about the film, but still know nothing about the majority of the plot. They even left this one and only full trailer to come out only two months before the film. And even before then, fans everywhere are already eager to see it. They don't have to use a lot of bait, and they're already getting all the fishes. This is marketing at its best!
          In any case, the trailer is super cool. I've watched it more than 5 times now...and I'm probably going to see it another 50 times by the time the movie comes out...oh, I'm so in love with Star Wars!  

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