Thursday 6 February 2014


"I think I got it...but just in case...tell me the whole thing again, I wasn't listening"

          I have to say, this is one rare animation film that could satisfy audience of all ages, but I didn't find it as great as the critics suggest. There all lots of positives, yes, but I find several aspects less than satisfactory, including the soundtrack, and perhaps surprisingly, the twist.

          Let me start with the positives first. I have to say I was genuinely pleased by the humour that was presented, some of which are easily laughable, even for adults. They range from the weird & foolish actions that would please little kids, to the plain responses & simple jokes that would trigger a laugh on mature audiences as well. This is a smart & rare quality possessed by an animation film.

          The characters are very much likeable and the excellent voice casts simply makes them just that more charming. Emmet is a fun main character as he is simple, ordinary & easily relatable. His funny responses are among those that appeal to adults as well. And pretty much all the characters are easily understandable, and this makes for a great connection between them and the audiences.

          I thought the overall plot was decent though, and makes for quite an emotional ride with the characters. The twist, however, is a bit more interesting. I have to say it was probably a good twist, in that it makes perfect sense and explains the things that happened before. But to be perfectly honest, for me it wasn't satisfactory, in fact I was quite disappointed it had to go that way. It kind of eliminates what emotions I have felt of the characters so far. Not a bad twist in terms of quality, but not a likeable one, at least for me.

          In terms of technicality, the visuals were okay, but the soundtrack didn't really appeal. I may have stated in previous reviews that soundtracks make for more intense and interesting scenes. And here, the opposite is true. The soundtrack doesn't seem to accurately convey the emotions, and so the tension of the drama & action was slightly reduced. Other than that, though, this is simply one rare animation movie, in which the whole family can really enjoy, as it caters for all range of audiences.


Good: Excellent range of humour, Likeable characters, Decent plot

Bad: Unexpected twist, Weak soundtrack

SCORE: 7.5

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