Friday 26 July 2013


The movie that defines the character in every way...


          This movie is set after all X-men movies, including the third one 'X-men: The Last Stand', where Logan/Wolverine is in his rock bottom after pretty much losing everything he ever loved or cared for. He is then brought to Japan, as he is offered a chance of mortality from a man he once saved from a nuclear blast during World War II. However, he is pitted against mysterious characters that pushes him to his emotional and physical limits.


          'The Wolverine' is indeed the Wolverine movie that fans have been waiting for. The movie really explored the character both physically and emotionally. Everything about the Wolverine himself is deeply satisfying, but everything else seems less supportive.

           The character of the Wolverine is deeply explored in this movie, and audiences can feel for him in an emotional level. Both physically and emotionally, the Wolverine is tested and pushed to his limits, so we get to understand every aspect of the character. And really special praise for Hugh Jackman for once again successfully bringing out the best of the character.

            The action sequences are fast paced and enjoyable to watch, and most of the time feels very grounded. There are humorous scenes to keep the fun going. At some, you can feel the dramatic moments as well. However, some supporting cast did not perform as well as I had hoped. The storyline is decent and well brought, although may get a bit predictable. If I may also add, there is a post-credits scene teasing about X-men: Days of Future Past, and I have to say that that was the most pleasing moment of the whole movie.

           Overall, the movie is a fun and enjoyable for those who want some more summer action. The character is deeply explored in every way, but everything else seemed slightly ignored. Nevertheless, it is still one of the better movies of this summer, and if I have to complete my statement, I would say the Wolverine have redeemed himself with this one.


Good: Character is deeply explored, Fast paced action sequences, Genuine humour

Bad: Supporting cast and characters

SCORE: 7.5

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