Tuesday 11 June 2013


Fresh and fun...

           'Now You See Me' is not that great, but is fun to watch because of it's amazing visuals and satisfyingly entertaining scenes. It's also fresh because of it's creative idea, but is otherwise ordinary and have nothing that made it memorable. Enjoyable at the moment, but not memorable.

          It is fun and enjoyable throughout, perhaps because the tricks in the movie are just so well presented, and also explained properly which makes it a joy to see. And the other factor that make it look great, is perhaps the cast. With the likes of Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine, and also some decent performance by Mark Ruffalo and Jesse Eisenberg, the scenes seem cool and interesting at the same time.

           The story wasn't that great, but it was a fresh and creative story which makes it interesting, and the ending revelation was, at least to me, surprising as well. But otherwise, towards the end, the scenes felt rather repetitive and predictable, and we kind of expected the things that will happen. Other aspects such as the soundtrack were okay but not great, and so is the humour. Absence of drama and good action sequences made it feel just a fun and fresh movie to watch with no special moments.


Good: Fresh idea and creative storyline, Cool tricks, Great cast

Bad: Absence of drama and proper action

SCORE: 7.0

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